Dentures Offer Convenient Solutions For Advanced Tooth Loss

The right prosthetic appliance can make fully restoring your smile easier than you might expect. Both partial and full dentures make restoring your smile more convenient for patients who have suffered significant losses. Our experience in providing these prostheses for patients can ensure you receive care that gives you back confidence in your smile and well-being!

We Can Bring Back Your Complete Smile

Tooth loss is a serious concern when there is only one gap in your smile. When there are many gaps, or when an entire row of teeth is missing, the toll on your appearance, bite function, and well-being are significant. The good news is that the right prosthodontic appliance can fully give back your smile while offering valuable bite support. We offer both partial dentures for patients with multiple gaps in their smile and full dentures that replace entire rows of teeth.

Both Full And Partial Dentures Are Available

A partial denture is a custom appliance that will fill non-adjacent gaps in a row of teeth. Unlike a bridge, which only covers one area, the partial can fill in spaces that are separated from each other. Discreet clasps attached to natural teeth help secure the restoration so that it stays stable throughout the day.

We take care to evaluate your jaw and oral structures to provide a custom full denture that fits securely. Once in position, this appliance replaces all of the teeth in a row to fully restore your smile. All dentures benefit your bite function, ability to speak, and appearance.

Talk To The Right Dentist About Receiving Your Custom Denture

Tooth loss is a serious issue, and it is one that our practice is ready to help you take on! We provide both partial and full dentures to respond to different degrees of this issue. With your restoration, you can enjoy many important health and cosmetic improvements. For more information, call our Rockwall, TX dental practice at (972) 771-2669!

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