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These Innovative Braces Deliver Faster Results!

Orthodontic treatment needs to take place over a longer period of time to ensure that the movement of your teeth is not a short-term benefit. When your smile moves gradually, the corrective work can settle so that teeth do not simply shift back to their original positions. However, not everyone has this kind of time on their hands! Say you’re getting married in 9 months time and would like to quickly correct the gap between your front teeth. You need a quick and effective orthodontic treatment. Enter Delta Force braces – the fastest braces in Rockwall, TX. Under a skilled dentist, the right orthodontic appliance can offer lasting results and give you the improvements you want in less time!

Talking to your Rockwall, TX dentist about Delta Force® braces can result in your smile being fixed in a surprisingly short time. This approach to corrective work relies on special brackets and superior archwires so that changes are made in a shorter time!

A patient wearing Delta Force Fast Braces in Rockwall, TX

The Delta Force® Difference

Choosing the right treatment solution can have lasting advantages. For patients who need to do something about poor smile alignment, we can produce exciting changes in a shorter time than you might think possible by using Delta Force® braces instead of traditional appliances. What sets Delta Force® braces apart isn’t just their speed. It’s the science and innovation behind them. These braces are a culmination of rigorous research and technological advancements in orthodontics.

  • Triangular Brackets: Unlike traditional square or rectangular brackets, the triangular design of Delta Force® brackets allows for a more uniform distribution of force. This facilitates faster and more controlled tooth movement.
  • Low-Friction, Bio-Efficient Archwires: These aren’t your regular archwires. They’re designed to work in tandem with the unique brackets, reducing unnecessary friction and ensuring efficient tooth movement.

Added Benefits of Delta Force® Braces

Beyond speed, Delta Force® braces provide a more comfortable patient experience. The advanced design reduces the pressure on each tooth, translating to less discomfort during the adjustment phases. Additionally, fewer adjustments mean fewer trips to your Rockwall dentist, saving you time in the long run.

Address Poor Teeth Spacing Faster

Misaligned teeth aren’t just a cosmetic concern. Beyond the apparent aesthetic challenges, they can disrupt your bite, potentially leading to joint issues, uneven wear, and other oral health complications like TMJ disorders. Furthermore, overlapped or crowded teeth present a hygiene challenge, often becoming breeding grounds for bacteria due to cleaning difficulties.

The Process of Getting Delta Force® Braces

  1. Consultation: Your journey starts with a thorough consultation with Dr. Minth to evaluate your orthodontic needs and determine if Delta Force® braces are right for you.
  2. Customization: Using advanced imaging technology, precise measurements are taken to customize your Delta Force® braces.
  3. Installation: The uniquely designed triangular brackets are carefully affixed to your teeth, and the special archwires are placed.
  4. Adjustments: Periodic visits will be scheduled for adjustments to ensure the teeth are moving as desired.
  5. Completion: Once the treatment goals are achieved, the braces are removed, revealing a transformed smile.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Braces

Having braces doesn’t mean giving up on your oral hygiene. In fact, maintaining impeccable oral health becomes even more crucial.

  • Regular Brushing: With Delta Force® braces, it’s essential to brush after every meal to ensure no food particles are trapped around the brackets or between the wires. A soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended to avoid damage.
  • Flossing: Special orthodontic flossers can help navigate around the wires and between the teeth, ensuring thorough cleaning even in the tightest spots.
  • Routine Check-ups: Regular appointments with Dr. Minth at The Right Dentist will ensure your braces are functioning optimally and provide opportunities for professional cleanings.

Why You Don’t Need to See an Orthodontist in Rockwall to Get Braces

While orthodontists specialize in correcting teeth and jaw alignment, Rockwall dentists like Dr. Minth, with specialized training in advanced systems like Delta Force® braces, are equally equipped to offer this service. The Right Dentist provides the convenience of managing all your dental needs under one roof. From regular cleanings to advanced orthodontic treatments, there’s no need to visit multiple practitioners.


How long does the treatment with Delta Force® braces typically last?

While treatment duration varies per individual, many patients experience faster results compared to traditional braces, often within several months.

Are Delta Force® braces more painful than regular braces?

Due to their advanced design, many patients find them more comfortable and report less discomfort during adjustments.

Will I need a retainer after my treatment with Delta Force® braces?

Yes, just like any orthodontic treatment, retainers help maintain the new position of your teeth, ensuring lasting results.

How often will I need adjustments with Delta Force® braces?

Adjustments are generally scheduled every 4-6 weeks, but this can vary based on individual progress.

Talk To Our Rockwall, TX Dentist About Delta Force® Braces

With the right orthodontic treatment, you can see meaningful cosmetic and oral health improvements in a surprisingly short time. Delta Force® braces are just one of your treatment options for dental misalignment. To find out how we can help you see real advantages from corrective work, call The Right Dentist in Rockwall, TX at (972) 771-2669!

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