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The Right Dentist relies on the right team to take great care of patients. Whether you come in to have your routine cleaning and review or need to see us for something more involved, you should feel warmly welcomed when you walk in and comfortable in the dental chair.

Our team provides direct support during your care as well as scheduling, insurance filing, and preparations for future appointments. Through it all, you can appreciate our fun and friendly environment while trusting that your smile is in great hands!

Meet Our Doctor

Jeffrey Minth, DDS

Dr. Jeffrey Minth has been a Rockwall resident since 1980. A graduate of Rockwall High School, he was excited to pursue a career in dentistry so he could improve people’s smiles and health… and because he could do so without having to wear a tie!

Why I Chose Dentistry

In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Minth of The Right Dentist in Rockwall, TX shares his personal journey of why he chose dentistry as his profession. He discusses his passion for helping people achieve healthy and beautiful smiles, and how he enjoys using his artistic and technical skills to create dental solutions that improve his patients’ quality of life.

Favorite Dental Treatment

Patients come in and they’re not, you know, nobody likes going to the dentist, but making ’em feel comfortable and being able to do, say a root canal. And it’s painless. Just the other day, we did a root canal and gentleman, and he shook my hand on the way out the door and said, you know, thank you. I’ve never had an experience like that in a dental office before.” -Dr. Jeffrey Minth

Meet Our Team

Each member of our dental team was chosen with care. Together, we form a family of specialists with one shared priority, you!


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While every appointment is taken seriously, we know how important your first visit can be.
From our first interaction, we will make sure you have the right experience during all of your future appointments!