Dental Implant Restorations

Count On This Lasting Solution For Tooth Loss

Implant dentistry has helped many people move on from their tooth loss concerns. Our practice can restore your implant in as little as a single visit thanks to our in-office technology, which means you complete the process of fully restoring your smile in less time while seeing welcome improvements from your prosthetic tooth!

Implant Dentistry And Regaining Your Full Smile

Through the placement of a dental implant, patients impacted by tooth loss are able to provide significant stability for prosthetic restorations. The implant secures the restoration to the jaw, mimicking the support that teeth receive from their natural roots. In addition, the implant can stimulate surrounding jawbone tissue to prevent deterioration.

To complete the work involved in implant dentistry, our practice can provide the permanent restoration secured in place. Once this work is done, you can enjoy the functional and cosmetic benefits of this treatment!

We Can Provide The Right Dental Implant Restoration

Based on what a patient needs, we can secure a dental crown, bridge, or even a partial or full denture to complete prosthetic care. Custom restorations provide long-term cosmetic and oral health support to improve your experience with this work. For patients receiving custom crowns, we can use in-office technology to have work done in just one appointment!

Talk To The Right Dentist About Receiving Your Dental Implant Restoration

Our Rockwall, TX dental practice can complete your tooth loss treatment by placing a dental implant. If you have questions about this service or need to arrange your care, call The Right Dentist at (972) 771-2669!

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